Legal Fees
    • Can be as much as ½ to 1% of the sale price of the property.
    • Shop around if you do not have a lawyer who specializes in Real Estate. If you want a recommendation, one can be provided to you.

    Real Estate Commission

    • 13% of the Real Estate Commission.

    Discharge of Mortgage
    • There may or may not be a penalty (Please check with your lending institution)
    • Since your term ends June 1st you may be able to take advantage of an open mortgage. The monthly cost may be a little higher but it will save you on the penalty. Your mortgage advisor will help figure out the best possible solution for your situation.

    The Move
    • Can vary greatly depending on the method you use (i.e. renting your own truck, packing yourself, having a professional mover who will do the whole move etc.).

    Status Certificate (for condos)
    • $100.00.