You never get a second chance to make a good first impression. Make sure that buyers see the very best your home has to offer. The following are some ideas to assist you to see your home through the eyes of buyers. I work every day with buyers and can share with you what I have learned about what buyers like and dislike about the home they are viewing.


·        Lawn & Garden: mow, trim, weed, clean away any dead foliage

·        Extra vehicles: remove from curb view

·        Clean windows and sills

·        Keep walks and drive ways clear of snow and debris

·        Repair doors and windows, screens and hardware

·        Fix or paint siding and fencing as needed

·        Dynamize by adding large planter, wreath or new doormat at entrance

·        Add potted flowers to deck

·        Add new number or brass door fixture. Paint front door


·        Tidy and organize. Make sure door opener works

·        Sweep floors, clean grease spots, store garden tools

Bathrooms & Kitchen

·        Tidy counters, clear extra appliances, accessories, etc.

·        Clean out cupboards, medicine cabinets. Pack extras away

·        Clean cupboards inside and out

·        Check light switches and fixtures

·        Clean away any mildew in shower or around tub

·        Clean and deodorize garbage areas.

·        Repair faucets, toilets or any leaking or dripping taps.

·        Fix grout and caulking as needed.

·        Patch & paint wall and ceiling cracks.

·        Add green or flowering plants

·        Add scented soaps or potpourri

Living Room, Bedrooms and Hallways

·        Keep hallways and foyers clear of obstacles

·        Put all unnecessary or out-of-season coats, boots etc. away

·        Re-arrange furniture for openness

·        Straighten book shelves

·        Clear and polish coffee tables

·        Tidy play areas; arrange children’s bedrooms to look fun and inviting

·        Repair ceiling and wall cracks

·        Clean fireplace. Arrange for fire to be lit during showings

·        Arrange fresh flowers, potpourri, etc. around the room

·        Put linens on table, perhaps place a setting on dining room table


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