Clean Sells 

  • Make it sparkle. Clean all appliances, bathrooms, any carpets, vents, walls & windows.

  • Say goodbye to family photos and knick-knacks.  Clean your closets and don’t forget about the kitchen cupboards.  
  • If everything looks full, a potential buyer might assume there isn’t enough storage.  
  • Clear the kitchen and bathroom counters so that they do not appear cluttered.

  • Fix any dripping faucet or toilets. Make sure all the doors and closers work properly and do not squeak.

Paint Colours 
  • If you decide to repaint, stick to neutrals.

Remove Furniture 

  • Less is more. Store clothes and furniture that you are not using so room and closets look more spacious.  
  • Place furniture so that traffic flows easily from room to room and so that the line of vision into each room is not blocked.

Lights On/Blinds Up
  • A must before every showing.  Replace any burned out light bulbs.
  • Instead of using deodorizers, use scented candles.
  • This is your outdoor living space, so treat it as such.  Make it look inviting all year round.
  • Remove anything that is of value (jewelry, money, etc.).
Be Prepared
  • Assume that someone is coming to see you now. You want to make sure that your home is spot perfect and ready to show. Every visitor is a potential buyer! 


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